Affordable private yoga in Serangoon Gardens

Learn the Essentials

Learn the basics of classical Hatha yoga postures in my Foundations classes where I’ll introduce you to the language of asana practice, physical alignment, as well as meditation and breathwork.

Suitable for beginners.

Relax & Restore

Relax with me in my Candlelit Yin classes where you’ll reconnect with your breath as we work on softening your muscles and connective tissues to improve mobility, flexibility, and joint health.

This is my most popular class and is suitable for all levels, including beginners.

Build Your Practice

If you’re already a seasoned practitioner, come flow with me in my Gentle Flow classes, or delve more deeply into complex poses, such as arm balances and handstands in my Asana Lab.

Suitable for regular practitioners.

Can you be more gentle with yourself today?

Someone asked me recently what my philosophy to yoga was. It’s a complicated question but I think it begins with being gentle with yourself.

Not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. Can you be less critical, less judgmental, less hard on yourself for all the things you perceive are lacking or that you’ve done wrong?

Student Reviews

Thank you Yen. Through you, I experienced how a yoga teacher should really be, not just guiding you through the sequence but also helping the students to explore themselves more. I’ll be desperately looking for a Yin teacher as good as you back in Austria!

Nadina Gastinger

Yen is a beautiful yoga teacher in and out of class. His presence and aura make you feel comfortable and safe and he has an incredibly kind nature. Thank you Yen for making me fall in love with the mindful part of yoga.

Amanda Helms

Thank you Yen for all your knowledge and your beautiful, inspiring energy. I have learned so much about mindful practice, passionate teaching, and being authentic from you.

Radiana Bratu