Hi, I’m Yen. Welcome to Class.

Join me for a safe and self-loving private yoga class in Singapore’s CBD.

Get Stronger
In Mind & Body

I’ll work with you to develop a safe and challenging personal practice that works for you – no matter your level of fitness or experience with yoga. My practice is rooted in breath inquiry and a blend of Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin/Restorative styles of yoga, with an emphasis on increasing mind-body connection, functional modern movements, and self-love. I want to help you open the door to deeper self-realisation. I also teach workshop-style classes for beginners who want to learn the essentials of starting a yoga practice.

How Can I Help You Today?

Choose a style of practice for what you feel your body needs right now. Or, continue to build your practice in any of these four areas of instruction.


A workshop-style introduction class for beginners with detailed alignment cues to help you develop your own safe, personal yoga practice.


A yin-based restorative practice that uses the breath and passive postures to soothe your mind and stretch your body when you need it most.

Slow Flow

A gentle vinyasa-based practice that uses the breath to create mindfulness in movement, while strengthening and toning your body.

Asana Lab

A workshop-style class based on intuitive alignment to build strength, body awareness and balance in advanced yoga postures.

Yen Yoga

Have a question about practising with me?

Email me yen.feng@gmail.com
or send me a DM on Instagram @yen.yoga