Day 3

Good day today. As per yuzh we started the morning with chanting and meditation, followed by a 90-minute vinyasa class. Today’s theme: Heart openers. Beautiful sequence by Chitra but I had such low energy today it was hard to push myself to do all the poses. My body was telling me it needed to rest,Continue reading “Day 3”

Day 2

We are all made of space and electrical charges. That was one of the takeaways from this morning’s Anatomy & Physiology class by Marylene, herself a yogi and osteopath. What an intriguing idea – and, fact? As she put it, we are made of organ systems, which are made of organs, made of tissues, madeContinue reading “Day 2”

Day 1

An invigorating start to the program. The day started with some light chanting and meditation (an everyday affair), followed by a vigorous vinyasa class by Citra. Good workout. Then it was off to breakfast, followed by two hours of yoga philosophy with Dada the monk, whose full name is Acarya Dada Vibhakarananda Arudhuta. Today’s lessonContinue reading “Day 1”

Opening Circle

Was done in about an hour – we met at 6pm and I’m back in my room writing. The time is now about 730pm. What a diverse group of students – gender aside, I was the only male student who attended the Opening Circle. People came from all over, the United States, England, Germany, Italy,Continue reading “Opening Circle”

Day 0

Arrived in Canggu a couple days ago to get settled in before training starts on Monday, which is tomorrow. Day 0 because there’s an Opening Circle later this evening. Not sure what that entails but probably some kind of meet-and-greet before classes officially start tomorrow morning. I’m told there will be a Balinese ceremony, whichContinue reading “Day 0”

Can Yoga Wreck Your Body?

Came across this article today in the New York Times about an interview with Glenn Black, a pretty famous yoga teacher in the United States. The article, published way back in 2012, challenges what many people believe in the yoga community: That yoga, if practised correctly, is always safe. Black says otherwise – and toContinue reading “Can Yoga Wreck Your Body?”