Day 3

Good day today. As per yuzh we started the morning with chanting and meditation, followed by a 90-minute vinyasa class. Today’s theme: Heart openers. Beautiful sequence by Chitra but I had such low energy today it was hard to push myself to do all the poses. My body was telling me it needed to rest, so during lunch I nipped back to my room and took a 30-minute nap.

Returning to class, Joe picked up the energy of the class by playing a couple of games. You can really tell he loves games – the twinkle in his eyes and mischievous grin, hard to miss. We then broke into partners to teach Sun Salutation B, as well as various alignment and adjustment tips for Warrior 1 and Downward Dog. The class ended with a partner stretch and I got to be carried by Joe around for a wee bit which felt… delicious. Thanks Joe!

Yin by Krishna was lovely. She has a beautiful energy about her and a really strong presence, which you don’t really expect at first. You can also tell she has a very strong personal practice, which is what draws me about a teacher. For me, it’s always been easy to tell if a teacher has a strong personal practice, and the kind of practice he or she has, from their energy in class.

We did some wrist work, followed by several shoulder and hamstring stretches. My right shoulder is feeling a bit wonky after all the arm balances on Monday, so hopefully it will feel better tomorrow.

Day 4 tomorrow!

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