Day 2

We are all made of space and electrical charges.

That was one of the takeaways from this morning’s Anatomy & Physiology class by Marylene, herself a yogi and osteopath. What an intriguing idea – and, fact? As she put it, we are made of organ systems, which are made of organs, made of tissues, made of cells, from organelles, then macro-molecules, then molecules, then atoms.

And what makes up atoms? Protons, neutrons, electrons, and plenty of space.

It was the start of a very educational two hours for me – learning about the 11 organ systems which include the cardiovascular, respiratory, muscular, skeletal, etc. Absolutely fascinating. I feel like they should make this compulsory in all schools – why didn’t I learn this in school? I feel so much more grateful to my body and just in awe of it, knowing what I know now – just after two hours!

The rest of the day was also rewarding. A brief introduction and history of Serenity Eco Guesthouse by the owners, more practice in teaching Sun Salutation A, some chanting, an incredible stretch class, and finally, a yin class to close the evening.

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