Opening Circle

Was done in about an hour – we met at 6pm and I’m back in my room writing. The time is now about 730pm. What a diverse group of students – gender aside, I was the only male student who attended the Opening Circle. People came from all over, the United States, England, Germany, Italy, Serbia, Austria, etc – I mean, wow!

Interestingly, only two other Asians in the group – one from the United States, and an Indonesian now based in Hong Kong. Joe the lead instructor was everything I expected. Handsome, very chill. His energy was open and inviting.

We had an opening ceremony with cleansing water, prayers, and then went through the usual logistics and an introduction to Serenity Eco Guesthouse.

I was intrigued by the changes that Krishna spoke of that Canggu has seen over the past 15 years. I can totally see how this would be kind of a sleepy town that long ago. Canggu is one of the three most spiritual places in Bali, he said, adding that with so many more people here today, the seaside town continues to find its balance between its party revelers and spiritual seekers.

We then did a few minutes of chanting and dancing, guided by the mantra Baba Nam Kevalam, which means divine love only, or love is all there is. This was a new experience for me. Overall, I felt quite awkward and anxious, which is exactly how I thought I would feel. Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

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