Day 0

Arrived in Canggu a couple days ago to get settled in before training starts on Monday, which is tomorrow. Day 0 because there’s an Opening Circle later this evening. Not sure what that entails but probably some kind of meet-and-greet before classes officially start tomorrow morning. I’m told there will be a Balinese ceremony, which will be eye-opening. Also, lots of flowers? Which I gather is customary in such ceremonies. I think the closing ceremony when we graduate will be similar.

What to make of Canggu so far?

It’s my first time here in this town so there’s a lot that’s new to me. The vibe is very different from Ubud, where I went last year for two weeks of practice. This is a surf town, so the overall vibe is more relaxed. Surf shops all over. Tattoo parlors, too, which seem to go together with the type of crowd that this town attracts. I remember seeing only one tattoo shop on the main road in downtown Ubud. There are three just up the street from the guesthouse I’m staying at.

So far, I’m enjoying it. Like in Ubud, being vegetarian or vegan here is easy – not just because plant-based meals are widely available, they are also delicious.

Check out my lunch today, from Superfood Healthbar:

To prepare for training, I’ve recently finished Siddharta by Herman Hesse and started on The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. There are quite a number of books on the training program’s reading list, so that will be something I hope to chip away at for the rest of the month that I’m here. Am thinking the next book I’ll read is My Experiments with Truth, by Gandhi. Have y’all read any of these books? Thoughts?

That’s all for today. Back to reading and I’m thinking maybe a nap before the Opening Circle later this evening? What a life!

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