Invest in yourself

Learning to listen to your heart – in order to cultivate greater self-awareness and a higher consciousness – is a daily investment.

Dear Bali,

I thought we were going to reunite in December, but it looks like I’ll be seeing you in October too. Feeling incredibly grateful to be spending 24 days in Canggu next month as I continue to deepen my practice under the guidance of the team behind Joga Yoga Training.

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time – and something that I’ve put away for various reasons: Self-doubt, fear of something new, wondering if I should really spend this money on yoga (as opposed to food and other necessities, for example). Sometimes, spending money on yourself can seem an indulgence and you wonder if you’re worth it.

It is important to listen to your heart – even when (or especially when) your head is telling you things that amplify feelings of fear and insecurity.

One of my yoga teachers used to say in class: “Your thoughts are not who you are.”

“Your thoughts do not necessarily reflect what is real.”

“Your thoughts have no power over you.”

This is a powerful idea – that you can be free from negativity that comes from within yourself.

Your heart knows what’s right for you. Connect with your own divinity and let your inner teacher come through.

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