Finding surprises

This inversion came into my practice suddenly one day during a class after almost two years of not being able to do it.

It felt an odd thing NOT to be able to do, seeing by that time I was already able to do a tripod headstand. It was one of those things where when the instructor gave the cue for Sirsasana A (normal headstand), I would opt for the tripod – when in fact, I probably should have kept practising the pose that I had difficulty with.

This sense of ego (wanting to show that I could do what was arguably a more challenging pose) struck me as something I needed to reflect on.

In a social media world, perfecting a pose can sometimes seem like the ultimate goal. It’s not.

I went on to learn that for most guys, the tripod was in fact easier – since there was more support and strength was less of an issue for most guys.

I checked myself and soon after, I decided to work on finding my balance in this Sirsasana A headstand whenever it was taught in class.

And I fell, and fell, and fell… until one day I didn’t fall. I found my balance. I felt light and as if I was floating. It was thrilling.

Like in my handstand practice now, these days I try to focus on the training, on getting stronger, and not get too attached to whether or not I can achieve the pose. The pose is just that, after all – what we learn about ourselves and what our bodies can do come from our practice, not the pose in it of itself.

In a social media world, perfecting a pose can sometimes seem like the ultimate goal. It’s not. The ultimate “goal” – if that’s what you want to call it – is greater self-awareness, a higher consciousness, a cultivation of discernment and self-regulation.

Realising that for myself has made this journey of mine an open road, and these moments of discovery surprising and joyful.

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